Class of 67 - Alumni and their families

Trent, Serina, Larry, Kathy (Cranston), Jacob & Ty

Serina and boyfriend Marty, Ty and wife Karen, Trent and girlfriend Janelle, Jacob and fiancee Mandi, and Larry & Kathy  

Taunie, Grandma Gwen, Tierra, Tenajha
Front row:  Matthew, Kirsten, Amy, & Taleah. 

Valerie Oja, Kim Tamura, Teresa Oja

Pam (Tamura) & Mike Oja

Sherry Johnson 1967

Sherry (Johnson) and Tom Clemens - 25 Year Anniversary

Tim and Beth (Tooley) Kumle (39 years) and Tim's  sister and husband Dan & Roxy Pearson (38 years). 

Beth's oldest son Tony and his daughter Shawnda,  youngest son Jason, grandson Ryan in background (Tony's son) and middle son Tom.

Carol with husband Robert Hooper

Carol Utz Hooper with sons David and Daniel

Carol with her mother, Gladys, Father, Vernon, and friend, Kristie

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