Class of 67 - Alumni and their families

Howard Neal 1969 

Howard Neal current

Sharon Cochell Kirkpatrick Elissa Kimmell Giles

Emma & Pink Stardust

Pam Getchel's granddaughter

Keith Lilly

Debbie & Keith Lilly & sons

Rosemary Foggia & parents

Rosemary & granddaughter
Athena Rose

Linda Bingenheimer & granddaughter
Anna MacRae Perry

Sherrie Elliott Fahrner (bride), Pam Olson Lewis (maid of honor) summer of 1967!  Sharon's sister Barb is on the right side (CHS class of 69 or 70) and Andi Milton(on the left side) also went to CHS '66.

Doyle and Sue Robertson  Okinawa, Japan 1997

Comet Hyakutake - Photo by Rick Ashley Read
Rick Ashley-Read at Royal Gorge, Colorado Rick Ashley-Read, son Joe and his wife, Natalie

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